804® BIO Slimming Program

The slimming reference for 20 years!/h2>

8 days PACK: Protocol + Soup + Fat Burner + Detox Booster

Weight Loss1
Fat burner6

The slimming reference2 for 20 years!

The 804® Organic Slimming Programme is a complete and easy to follow slimming coaching to guarantee you a quick weight loss1.
3 Chênes® puts all its expertise in nutrition and phytotherapy at your disposal to formulate a programme based on carefully selected Organic ingredients.

Because sustainable weight loss is mainly achieved by a rebalancing of your diet, the 804® Organic Slimming Programme will accompany you for 8 days and then up to 30 days towards your slimming objective!

Pack content

  • 1 detailed protocol with slimming tips and exercises to do at home to ensure rapid weight loss! Written by a nutritionist, it will guide you in your dietary rebalancing with varied menus for vegetarians, and will accompany you with sports coaching throughout the program.
  • 1 sachet of organic silhouette cabbage soup 180g (8 days). Rich in protein and fibre to shape your figure. Easy to prepare and tasty, it is ideal for snacks. Only 49 Kcal / portion!
  • 1 blister pack of 8 Organic Fat Burner tablets.
  • 1 bottle of 200mL of Organic Detox Booster.

Bio & Green!

  • Our cases and packaging are made of 100% recycled FSC and Blue Angel certified paper: no optical brighteners, chlorine or acid. The ink used is entirely vegetable.
  • The vial label is made from FSC-certified sugar cane fibre residues. The adhesive used is made of rubber, 100% recyclable. The vial consists of 20-30% recycled glass.
  • The soup is packaged in a 100% recyclable package. Our printers are Imprim'vert certified.

(1) Guarana promotes weight loss.
(2) Blackcurrant promotes slimming and helps control weight.
(3) Protein helps build muscle.
(4) Guarana increases metabolic rate.
(5) Blackcurrant is known to facilitate the body's elimination functions.
(6) Cola and guarana help to burn fat.
(7) Guarana promotes energy expenditure.



Organic silhouette soup with choulds


Pea protein*; brown rice protein*; kale*; tomato*; onion*; natural leek flavour; maltodextrin*; leek*; yeast extract*; spinach*; thickener: xanthan gum; sea salt; pepper*; locust bean gum*; chicory inulin*.
May contain traces of milk.
*Organically produced ingredients.

Nutrient Intakes

  For 100 g For 3 teaspoons (15 g) % RI*
Energy values 328 Kcal
1383 Kj
49 Kcal
208 Kj
2.5 %
of which saturated fatty acids
3.2 g
0.6 g
0.5 g
0.1 g
0.7 %
0.5 %
of which sugars
27.6 g
12.4 g
4.1 g
1.9 g
1.6 %
2.1 %
Fibre 9.3 g 1.4 g  
Protein 42.5 g 6.4 g 12.8 %
Salt 4 g 0.6 g 10 %

Organic detox booster bottle


Water; aqueous extract of ash*; aqueous extract of blackcurrant*; aqueous extract of guarana*; concentrated blackcurrant juice*; aqueous extract of cola*; natural blackcurrant flavour; acidity regulator: citric acid.
*Organically produced ingredients.

Nutrient Intakes

ORGANIC ash extract 5600 mg
ORGANIC blackcurrant extract 4300 mg
ORGANIC guarana extract 1500 mg
ORGANIC cola extract 400 mg

Organic fat burner tablets


Nopal extract*; fatteners: acacia gum fiber*, rice starch*; guarana extract*; cola extract*.
*Ingredients from organic farming.

Nutrient Intakes

NEOPUNTIA ORGANIC Nopal Extract 300 mg
ORGANIC Guarana extract 150 mg
ORGANIC cola extract
Plant equivalent
40 mg
80 mg

Directions for use

Instructions for Use

For 8 days, follow the diet program and lifestyle guidelines detailed in the slimming protocol.
Every morning, take 1 fat burner tablet during breakfast and dilute 25mL of Detox Booster in a glass of water.
To prepare the soup, dissolve 3 teaspoons of soup in 300mL of boiling water. Let stand for 3 minutes and season at your convenience.

Precautions for Use
Follow directions for use. Keep out of reach of young children. To be used as part of a diversified diet and a healthy lifestyle. To be kept away from light, heat and humidity.
Seal the soup bag tightly after each use.

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Ash is a tree that promotes weight loss and drainage.



Guarana is a shrub whose seeds have stimulating and energizing effects.



Kale cabbage is an ancient variety of green cabbage, composed of large, curly leaves…

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